Right now, I will tell you about one of my project that I working on. This project is called RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran – Learning Planner). My friend (Whilda) was offered to do this project from my senior that would go to internship research at Japan. Then I was invited by him to join on this project and then I also invited Inov to join.

The system we were built is to help elementary school teacher planning their learning on class. Every year, elementary school teacher is gathered to build Learning Plan. This Learning Plan is to guide teacher to teach. And this year, they want to have an online system for developing Learning Plan. This system is consist of web application to edit and share Learning Plan, mobile application to guide teacher carry out the Learning Plan at class and partner with SpeedUp to host the Learning Plan so teacher could share it or sell it.

On this project I was responsible to build front-end web application so that it is easy for elementary school teacher to use it. Inov responsible for back-end application and Whilda responsible for mobile application. Front-end web is built using AngularJS while the backend is built using Laravel. This is the first time I uses both of them on real project.

Laravel is a powerful framework yet it is very easy to learn. Easy to learn here meaning it is pretty simple PHP framework (unlike Symfony or Zend). Currently Laravel is most popular PHP framework, and it is worth trying and use I think. Laravel use composer, so to prepare the project you just execute ‘composer install’ and everything would be ready. To run Laravel on local server,  you just execute  ‘php artisan serve’.

AngularJS is very simple and easy to use compared to another JS framework (like Ember or Backbone). The interesting thing on this framework is MVVM (Model View View-model) architecture. It uses data binding to interact between model and view. By using MVVM, we could make the user-interface more interactive and engaging to user.

To build the product that suitable for user’s need it is very important to involve user on developing process. We should ask them to use the system during development process so we could improve our user’s requirement and our product’s specification. The hardest thing in gathering requirement is converting user’s story of their need to system requirement and specification. We need to learn more n this aspect because on every project this part is always considered hard.

I think that’s all that I could share. This is my first post about my project. I’m still learning though, but if we don’t start we wouldn’t be an expert. Thank you 🙂


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